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Landscape Lighting Pricing

Good-Our least expensive option is a "drop in" fixture, this means you can remove and replace the bulbs. If I can get inside the fixture so can water and heat, these two are the number one cause of fixture failure. Furthermore, the "drop in" style fixture only has a 4 year warranty.

     15374AZT 7.5 Mini MR16 w/ 18132 4W Lamp

     4-year warranty

         10 fixtures = $3,000.00 installed +tax

         20 fixtures = $4,000.00 installed +tax

Better-The next fixture is the Gen 1.5, it is also integrated but it cannot adjust the lumens and does not have all the accessories of the VLO. The Gen 1.5 is a great light backed by a 10-year warranty.

      16152AZT Gen 1.5 200 Lumen LED Accent (integrated)

      10-year warranty

         10 Fixtures = $4,000.00 installed +tax

         20 Fixtures = $6,000.00 installed +tax

Best-Our VLO (variable lumen output) fixture is top of the line. It is an integrated light meaning heat and moisture will not affect its performance and it is backed with a 15-year warranty.

      16017AZT VLO LED Small Accent (integrated)

      15-year warranty

         10 Fixtures = $4,300.00 installed +tax
         20 Fixtures = $6,800.00 installed +tax

*All installs come with a 1-year warranty concerning installation​

*We use only commercial grade products like Kichler and Lumien​

*I strive to meet all concerns and issues with professionalism and compassion with a goal to meet all your needs. We do not consider a job complete until the customer is satisfied! ​

*We are licensed and bonded

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