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Sprinkler Membership!

Product Overview

Here at Amarillo Land Services we are always striving to be innovative with repair and customer service. We are looking at a better way to serve you and your irrigation needs by offering a membership plan that is simple and comprehensive. We wanted to find the best way to serve you and give you the peace of mind that you have a licensed irrigator (LI0023357) at your fingertips that you know and trust.

Why a membership?

Our goal with this membership program is to give you peace of mind when it comes to your irrigation needs. We want to become familiar with you and your irrigation needs. We want to remove the headache of you trying to determine how long you need to run your system or making changes to that complex controller as the seasons change. Now you have a company you know and trust, and all you have to make is one phone call and you know you will get the service you deserve.


What do you get?

  • 15 point Inspection of your irrigation system

  • Up to 1 hour of service at every Inspection

  • If parts are required you only pay for the parts if fixed within the hour inspection. *Parts are an extra charge, but will be at a reduced rate

  • Major repairs (requiring longer than an hour) will be billed at our regular rate

  • No “After hour, Weekend or Holiday” for Emergency service calls

  • A seasonal newsletter giving helpful tips and tricks

  • 1 hour free Unscheduled repair with the Gold and Platinum Packages

  • Refer a new member and receive an extra 10% off a one-time service


15 Point Inspection

  • Sprinkler bodies (Breaks, leaks, and wiper system)

  • Nozzles (Clean and properly Functioning)

  • Leaks (Inspect for leaks throughout the entire system)

  • Coverage (Verify “Head to Head” coverage

  • Pressure (Take pressure reading at nozzle)

  • Valves (Take OHMS reading at controller)

  • Clean Controller

  • Verify Battery (Replace every year)

  • Manage run times

  • Report any findings


  • $250 one time payment per year

  • 15% off all unscheduled service and repairs

  • 15 point inspection 

  • No “After hour, Weekend or Holiday charge” for emergency service calls

  • Refer a new member and receive an extra 10% off a one-time service

  • Spring Start up and Winter Shut down discounted to $75.00 per visit

Options to consider

If access to your controller is in your garage or home and you are unable to be home during our service we have an option that our current customers really love! We only install the most innovative top of the line components, Rainbird! Installing a new Rainbird Controller with Wi-Fi allows me as the technician to access via my cell phone and control your timer without having to access your home giving you peace of mind and freedom to continue your daily task uninterrupted. With this upgrade you will receive a properly sized controller, Wi-Fi module and a Rain/Freeze sensor. The Rain/Freeze Sensor is State and City code required for all irrigation system, This helps with water savings by automatically turning off your system during a rain or when the temperature falls below near freezing temperatures. (pictured above)

*Controller, Wi-Fi and Rain/Freeze Sensor upgrade averages out around $400-$500 installed.

I love retrofits! Rainbird RD1800 SAM pr
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