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Sprinkler preparedness?

Since October 2021 we have not received much moisture and Lord knows we need it! If you were unaware the Ogallala aquifer, our underground water supply, is drying out, per a report on and the aquifer does not recharge south of the Canadian river. With this knowledge, in hand, it is easy to understand why our water is so important, I would consider our water to be a non-renewable resource.

How can we reduce our water usage but still have that beautiful green lawn we love to drive up to after a long day at work or let the kids play in the back yard bare foot? Well it is really simple, let me tell you about 3 or 4 products that can reduce your usage immediately, starting with the nozzle!

The nozzle is the component that screws onto the head that emits the water, the Toro Precision series spray nozzle is one of the best nozzles in water conservation! Using patented H²0 chip technology, no moving parts, each Precision Series Spray nozzles creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius with 1/3 less water usage.

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Next lets focus on the pop-up head, the Rainbird 1804 Pressure Regulating head it the best in the business. The PRS 30 maintains constant outlet pressure at 30psi, spray nozzles perform best at 30psi. This head ensures maximum nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures and maintains constant pressure regardless of nozzles used. One of the best features is the PRS head restricts water loss by up to 70% if nozzle is removed or damaged, this saves water, money, reduces possibility of accidents and property damage. The other benefit is its ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure which stops water waste. For our area another benefit is it ensures necessary watering occurs in high pressure or wind conditions. Lastly we can stand behind this product due to its five-year trade warranty.

Lastly lets look at the Rainbird TM2 controller paired with a rain/freeze sensor and LNK WiFi Module for Rain Bird ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me Series Controllers. The LNK module provides superior access, control your Rain Bird irrigation system with your smartphone or tablet, and receive critical real-time alerts about your system. Utilizing automatic seasonal adjustment weather data from the internet the module automatically adjusts system run times on a daily basis. Ensuring that your yard receives the water it needs, while saving up to 30% in water.

As you can tell pairing the Toro Precision nozzle, the Rain Bird 1804 pressure regulating head, and the Rainbird LNK WiFi module is a no brainer when it comes to water conservation. Do not water one more year without the newest water conservation technology on your sprinkler system. Do not find yourself being the homeowner that has water running down the curb for blocks! Call us today and let us help you start conserving our precious resource, WATER!

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