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FREE Landscape Lighting in Amarillo and Canyon

Well the season is here, we are pushing our free landscape lighting demos pretty hard! We come out and assess your home and ask a few simple questions. The first question is always what is your favorite part or feature of your home or landscape, this lets us know where to focus. Second, we want to know about any areas that might not be safe to navigate at night like pathways with a step, transition or lighting a driveway to make it easier to see. Third, we want to make sure we have the area lit well for security purposes. If we can light a home well it will be less likely to be burglarized. The demo gives you, as the homeowner, the chance to see all the possibilities we have to offer with lighting. Kichler is such a high quality brand and they are easy to stand behind. They have poured into our company with time and training, so now you have a professional lighting company in Amarillo and Canyon that you can count on. Give us a call or book online for your landscape lighting demo!

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