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Why were we in Cleveland?

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

This week we headed to Kichler's head quarters in Cleveland Ohio for a light and learn event. While there we met with over 160 contractors, distributors, reps and marketing gurus, some even spoke and shared their experiences. They invited Tony Bass with super lawn tool kit to better explain business marketing and how to become more successful. My biggest take away from Tony was what he shared, "we are a publishing company that happens to do landscape", wow I had never heard it put quite like that! We also heard from Patrick Cheatham, he owns Creative Nightscapes in the DFW area. What I took from Patrick is if your down get back up and hustle, do not quit! We also did lighting at the Akron Zoo and it turned out beautiful, my mentor Tommy Herrin lead a team with the design and install along with Paul Gosselin and Ron from Kichler. Check out our pictures from the weekend on our social media pages!

lights on the fountain and pergola at the Akron Zoo

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