After Two Weeks of Top Dress and Over Seed


Prior to Top Dressing And Over Seeding


Top Dress and Over Seeding 

Topdressing is a prepared soil mix applied to the surface of the lawn. The term top dressing also is used for the process of applying the material. Topdressing materials are evenly applied in a thin layer, typically ¼ inch (6.35 mm) or less, for a variety of purposes. ( The Lawn Institute ) We use a product from Soil Menders in Tulia Texas called “Turf Soil Builder”. It is a rich blend of nutritional, aged humus mixed with essential supplements to form a complete soil for turf applications. It is the perfect mix for planting new grass from seed or sod, repairing damaged and bare spots, or adding organic matter to tired and stressed lawns. It also buffers turf against salt concentrations, improves germination, and inhibits leaching… (Soil Menders) Here at Amarillo Land Services we are confident in this process and love the results! We stay away from synthetic fertilizers that harm the soil PH and the microbial processes in your soil.


Composted Cotton Burrs from Soil Menders

Composted Cotton Burrs is an ideal general-purpose mulch for amending clay or sandy soils. This product is available with elemental sulfur to help neutralize high pH soils. Soils low in organic matter and humus or with poor tilth and structure cannot be rejuvenated with chemical fertilizers. Back To Earth compost can quickly start improvement of such soils, since it begins to function immediately, restoring vital organic matter and humus to soils, regardless of soil conditions.

  • Organic soil builder crafted from composted cotton burrs and tree trimmings

  • Provides longer-term benefits to the soil than straight cotton burr compost

(Soil Menders)


Composted Cattle Manure from Soil Menders

Composted Cattle Manure consists of our premium quality Composted Cattle Manure. BTE Composted Cattle Manure is taken to a 3/8″ minus particle size to give you a texture that works great for all general manure applications. This product, when used properly is a non-burning, weed-and-odor-free soil enhancement for gardens, lawns, and landscapes. It is a bountiful source of humus, which feeds beneficial soil organisms, making nutrients more available to plants.

  • Organic soil builder

  • High quality, well aged composted cattle manure

(Soil Menders)