Hey this is Remmington, owner of Amarillo Land Services, and I just wanted to take the time to go over what you can expect once you have contacted us for a service.


Sprinkler Install and Repair


     Our sprinkler repair service is billed at a hourly rate of 137.50, new installs are estimated by the square foot. The reason for this rate is we hire advanced members that are highly capable to do the task, offer great customer support and have integrity and pair them with the state of art tools and equipment to complete the task efficiently. Our goal is to offer quick and efficient response times to your sprinkler repair need and emergency  service calls can be fit in within 12 hours. We use a service app that will schedule your service, text you when we are on our way, and gives start and completion times. Also, this valuable tool will send an invoice to your email and will allow you to pay online. We install Rainbird products that are purchased through our vendor that only supplies commercial grade products. These are different than the products you might find on the selves of the big box stores. Since we use such a high grade product we offer a one year warranty on any defect caused by us, most of our products come with a 5 to 15 year manufacturer warranty!

Landscape Lighting

      Our landscape lighting service is top notch because we have partnered with Kichler, a brand you have known and trust since 1938! Once you call or book online we will come out and walk your property with you. Some of the questions we will be wanting to answer are: how do you entertain, walkway safety, areas that need added security, and the look your after. We have the ability to use many different methods of lighting to achieve the perfect ambiance for your home and space. Our VLO (variable lumen output) fixture is top of the line. It is an integrated light meaning heat and moisture will not affect its performance and it is backed with a 15 year warranty. The next fixture is the Gen 1.5, it is also integrated but it can not adjust the lumens and does not have all the accessories of the VLO. The Gen 1.5 is a great light backed by a 10 year warranty. Most companies will be selling a "drop in" fixture, this means you can remove and replace the bulbs. If i can get inside the fixture so can water and heat, these two are the number one cause of fixture failure. Furthermore, the "drop in" style fixture do not have much of a warranty, therefore we do not install this style of fixture. We will sketch your property, take some photos and these go to our landscape lighting designers. Once our designer receives all of your property information they will begin to build a professional CAD drawing that paints a picture of light placement and design ideas that we can look over and discuss. Once a project is approved materials will be ordered and the install will be scheduled. You will receive a text letting you know we are on our way. Our installers will arrive to the job site and begin flagging the placement of lights, laying out wire, installing the transformer and cutting the 1" ditch for the direct burial cable to be installed. Once the install is complete and you are satisfied with our job you can pay by cash, check, or a card online.

*All installs come with a 1 year warranty concerning installation

*We use only commercial grade products like Rainbird and Kichler

*I strive to meet all concerns and issues with professionalism and compassion with a goal to meet all your needs. We do not consider a job complete until the customer is satisfied! 

We are licensed and bonded