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Careers with ALS

Amarillo Land Services, where we strive to provide a timely and professional service by creating a one-of-a-kind, artistic, and environmentally conscious landscape that encapsulates our clients’ desires, dreams and needs.

Brand Promise

(Our clients should feel like family)

Our clients are to feel LOVED, valued and like they are the only client we are working for; they should consider us family!


(Love our clients and our business)

We strive for perfection because we LOVE our clients and reputation. There is no reason not to give our best all the time, our clients deserve it!


(Love your co-workers)

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses; it is everyone’s job to help our co-workers improve using positive influence. We will build each other up, in a LOVING manner, period! Our team is our biggest asset.


(Love the Process)

We will follow our procedures so our clients, who we LOVE, receives the same high-quality experience every time by every employee!


(Success is no accident)

LOVE yourself enough to believe in yourself, push your limits and conquer your goals, DO NOT GIVE UP! If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.



We will do what we promise, conduct ourselves, business, and actions in LOVE, every time with every action and with all we have. We will deliver our “Brand Promise” because this is what clients believe who we are.

We value our team members and offer a wide array of benefits to make them very comfortable. Here is a list of benefits we offer our team members:

  • No Weekend work, Unless you would like to work overtime

  • Paid time off including: 6 holidays paid

  • Health insurance through Medical Dojo after 90 days

  • Retirement program 

  • All work orders and timesheets are in an easy electronic system. NO PAPERWORK.

  • Safety equipment provided

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Working outside with your hands daily

  • Hourly employees receive 48 hours paid vacation earned monthly, usable after 90 days

  • New/well-maintained equipment that makes your job easy.

  • Check-in meetings with management to ensure both parties are reaping benefit from working together.

  • Active and Present Management team that understands

  • Paid for continuing education 

  • Full-time positions available

  • End of Year Party

Laborer 1: ($11-$13)


  • Arrive to work on time

  • Able to pick up 50LBS

  • Able to work 10-hour shift


Laborer 2: ($13-$15)


  • Labor 1 +

  • Driver License

  • Knowledge of tool nomenclature

  • Set irrigation heads properly

  • Read the blueprint

  • Service all equipment proficiently

  • Perform a proper glue connection

  • Can install a tree correctly

  • Can install bed plants properly


Laborer 3: ($15-$17)


  • Labor 2+

  • Operate all equipment proficiency

  • Level yard to perfection

  • Perform all Standard Operation Procedures

  • Install Irrigation, Lighting, Aquascape 

  • Can perform all task at site, can fill in as foreman

Foreman 1: ($16-$18)


  • Laborer 3+

  • Irrigation Technician License preferred (if applicable)

  • Efficient in Jobber software

  • Perform job site inspection

  • Still requires supervision


Foreman 2: ($18-$22)


  • Foreman 1+

  • Irrigation Technician License required (if applicable)

  • Must manage crew with little supervision

  • Must meet or exceed scheduling goals set for each job


Foreman 3: ($22-$30)


  • Foreman 2+

  • Requires no supervision

  • Assist in day to day operations

  • Able to meet with clients concerning the job

  • Able to build estimates and invoices

Irrigation Tech 1: ($15-$18)


  • Driver License

  • Knowledge of valves, spray & rotor heads, drip assemblies, wiring, etc.

  • Manage, troubleshoot, and construct residential irrigation systems

  • Smart phone, and tablet proficient in Jobber software

  • Continual and clear communication with clients, office staff, etc

  • Able to set and nozzle correctly per original design

  • Still needs some help with troubleshooting irrigation repairs


Irrigation Tech 2: ($18-$22)


  • Irrigation Tech 1+

  • Mostly proficient with valve locator

  • Able to troubleshoot with limited support

  • Can rebuild all valves

  • Can repair up to 2” systems

  • Still needs some help with troubleshooting irrigation repairs


Irrigation Tech 3: ($22-$30)


  • Irrigation Tech 2+

  • Needs no assistance troubleshooting

  • Proficient with valve locator

  • Can repair up to 4” systems

  • Able to schedule and route within Jobber


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