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If your water feature is starting to resemble a mud hole rather than the eye-catching, serene centerpiece of your landscape it should be, then it's probably about time for a thorough pond cleaning! If you're noticing that the water has is pretty brown, the bottom is nowhere in sight, the plants in and around the pond are running wild, and algae seems to be staging a hostile takeover, then a good cleaning is overdue!

Based out of Amarillo, Texas, Amarillo Land Services has been serving the entire Amarillo region including the Texas Panhandle with dedication and pride. Our specialty has been bringing ponds back to their prime, ensuring they're fit and happy spaces. The first step towards a healthy pond is a thorough annual health check. Our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of pond ecology and are adept with the latest industry practices. Whether you're a seasoned pond caretaker or new to the pond-owning family, we're aiming to be your go-to team for all things pond-related!

Annual Basic Pond Cleanout

The basic clean-out will include cleaning of the filter, filter-pads, debris along the perimeter of the pond, sludge/algae along perimeter, cleaning of the waterfall/stream, and refill the water level. The installation of a pump if it was taken out during the winter, and water treatment startup.

Annual Deluxe Pond Cleanout

The deluxe cleanout will include everything from the basic package plus a drain and powerwash of the pond. Fish will be gently removed and put in holding tanks that have been conditioned to protect their slime coats and minimize stress. Once the pond is drained the team will remove all sludge from walls, shelves, and bottom by power washing. Older water features will usually require this every year, whereas newer features don’t require this for at least two to three years.

Spring Pond Cleanout

The cleanout will condition your water feature for the summer months. After fall and winter there is organic and inorganic buildup on the bottom, shelves, and edges of your water feature. The process of cleaning your pond will make the feature appear clean and clear for your outdoor months.

If you would you like to get on our schedule for a pond cleaning please give us a call (806) 477-2605 or fill out our online contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly to schedule your appointment.

How Much Does Pond Cleaning Cost?

The price for your annual pond cleaning can vary depending on several factors. If you have never had your pond cleaned by Amarillo Land Services before, here are a some things that can affect your pond cleaning cost:

Last time the pond was cleaned out- it is important to have your pond professionally cleaned at least once a year. Ponds that go more than a year without a thorough cleaning will require more time and usually more than one technician to properly clean your pond.

Overgrown plants- aquatic plants are known for how fast they grow and how quickly they can become established in our garden ponds. Aquatic plants such as cattails, unpotted water lilies, thalia, and iris will require special time to carefully remove without damage to your pond.

Access to the pond- we bring a lot of equipment to your jobsite.  Challenges with access may require more time to properly clean your pond.

Amount of fish- ponds with a large population of fish will often times have more sludge and waste that needs to be removed from the bottom pond.

Repairs- depending on the repair that is needed, a special quote will need to be approved before we can make the repairs.

Drive time- job sites that are more than 20 miles from our location in Amarillo may require additional costs.

Average 8 x 11 Pond

Basic $515
Deluxe $950

Medium 11 x 16 Pond

Basic $725
Deluxe $1120

Large Up To 20 x 25 Pond

Basic $1100
Deluxe $1850

What Our Customers Say


Tyler was very professional and did a great job!

Sean Smith September 15, 2023

Tyler was very professional, explained everything my system needed and also followed up with a phone call. Very rare these days. Very happy with the job and impressed how quickly it was finished. Had everything needed in the truck, did not have to order any parts or come back to finish the job. It was taken care of on the first trip.

Mark Cavitt September 8, 2023

These guys repair my sprinkler system in my front yard for a very reasonable price! They did exactly what I wanted! Tyler Huddle came out on time, was very professional, gave me an honest opinion, and repaired the system just as I needed. These guys are awesome! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Ranee Paoliello September 7, 2023

Tyler with Amarillo Land Services was quick and professional. I highly recommend them!

Brennan Sissel September 7, 2023

These guys and gals are extremely professional and diligent. They exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happy with the service they’ve provided. Special thanks to CD for getting the job done!

Robert Butler September 6, 2023

I’m taking care of a friends house and noticed the lawn was turning yellow in places. I called Land Services and they came out and did an of the front and back lawns. They found the problem and also two other issues I was not aware of. Got everything fixed and was good to go. Tyler Huddle was on time, very professional, courteous and answered any questions I had. I was very pleased with the service.

Susan Richardson August 29, 2023

Tyler Huddle checked out my sprinkler system this morning . He replaced some sprinkler heads and adjusted others. Very polite and explained the work. I recommend them highly. He did good work!

Glenda McKinley August 23, 2023

Tyler the irrigation technician was very knowledgeable, and professional. He answered all of my questions. He was proficient and took his time to ensure his work was done properly. I will not hesitate to use them again if needed. I will definitely recommend Amarillo Land Services to family and friends. Thank you Tyler!

Rocio Eastman August 22, 2023
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