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Water Feature Maintenance Packages and Pricing

  • Silver - Checking your pond's hardware, cleaning debris basket and filter pad, checking and fixing any loose and shifted rocks in and along the perimeter of your water feature, checking the liner edges for leaks, and adding the necessary water treatments to your pond.

  • Gold - include everything in the Silver package plus fertilizing, trimming, and propagating your aquatic plants which will help ensure fish kill prevention especially in summer months where harmful algal blooms can be very prevalent.

  • Platinum - include everything in the Gold package plus Bi-Monthly maintenance and filling automatic fish feeders if included in your pond.

  • Diamond - include everything in the Platinum package plus filling the pond to the intended water level. Bi-Monthly maintenance will help ensure fish kill prevention especially in summer months where harmful algal blooms can be very prevalent

Annual Basic Pond Clean Out

The basic clean-out will include cleaning of the filter, filter-pads, debris along the perimeter of the pond, sludge/algae along perimeter, cleaning of the waterfall/stream, and refill the water level. The installation of a pump if it was taken out during the winter, and water treatment startup.

Spring Clean Out

The cleanout will condition your water feature for the summer months. After fall and winter there is organic and inorganic buildup on the bottom, shelves, and edges of your water feature. The process of cleaning your pond will make the feature appear clean and clear for your outdoor months

Annual Deluxe Pond Clean Out

The deluxe cleanout will include everything from the basic package plus a drain and powerwash of the pond. Fish will be gently removed and put in holding tanks that have been conditioned to protect their slime coats and minimize stress. Once the pond is drained the team will remove all sludge from walls, shelves, and bottom by power washing. Older water features will usually require this every year, whereas newer features don’t require this for at least two to three years.


Once your water temperature drops it is good time to decide if you want to keep your pump running during the winter or remove it. There are risks to leaving it running; such as loss of water due to ice formation. Winterizing your pond will include removing the pump, installing a surface heater and aerator, applying cold water bacteria, and installing netting to keep debris out of the pond.

Pond Clean Out Pricing


Common Upgrades

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