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At Amarillo Land Services we specialize in irrigation repair for residential and commercial properties. We take pride in keeping the work area clean and leaving the property like we had never been there. We are capable of repairing all irrigation systems to include; heads, valves, double checks, and leaks, we also have the equipment to locate valves. It can be a leak, broken sprinkler head or a system in need of an update Amarillo Land Service is the premier sprinkler repair company to call!

Sprinkler Repair

What to Expect

 Our sprinkler repair service is billed at a flat rate. The reason for this rate is we hire advanced members that are highly capable to do the task, offer great customer support and have integrity and pair them with the state of art tools and equipment to complete the task efficiently. Our goal is to offer quick and efficient response times to your sprinkler repair need and emergency service calls can be fit in within 12 hours. We use a service app that will schedule your service, text you when we are on our way, and gives start and completion times. Also, this valuable tool will send an invoice to your email and will allow you to pay online. We install Rainbird products that are purchased through our vendor that only supplies commercial grade products. These are different than the products you might find on the selves of the big box stores. Since we use such a high-grade product, we offer a one-year warranty on any defect caused by us, most of our products come with a 5 to 15 year manufacturer warranty!

15 Point Inspection

Controller (timer)

  • Inspection of the battery, connections and clean the controller

  • Set a proper schedule

  • Inspect the Rain/Freeze sensor and battery

  • Inspect the Ohms for each valve

Inspection of the back-flow device

  • Shut-off valve opens and closes

  • Accessible and clean

  • Isolation valve installed

  • Inspect for uniformity and coverage

Inspect nozzles for:

  • Clean and clear nozzles and filters

  • Damage

Inspect heads for:

  • Damage

  • Leaks

  • Stem wiper system

  • Inspect system for leaks

  • Inspect water pressure

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